rotated things

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suppose i want to make a ball bounce over a rotated rectagle, how would you do it?


  • I would use Javascript mode, and load File > Examples.. > Libraries > Box2D > simpleBox2D, and then mess about with that until it did what I wanted.

  • i tried to put the javascript mode but i couldn't. it now gives me the option to remove it but i still cant change the mode to javaScript? isnt a Box2D for java mode?

  • In 2D or 3D?

  • as far as i know, rectangles are only 2d :B

  • @juanClot Which part are you focusing on... The rotated rectangle, right?

  • sorry a better way to explain what i want is:

    lets say line(100,100,200,200); how do i make something bounce over that(an inclined surface).

    again, sorry for my english

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    Box2D is the way to go... or another physic simulation lib

    anyway, iirc in the examples there is a reflection on an uneven ground

    hope this helps

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    see menu file | examples

  • oh i found what you've said, i think it's the "bubbles" example for java, also i've started with some javascript and right now i'm checking box2D (hard thing right now with just an hour of js knowledge but i have to get used to it :B ) thanks again for the help!!!!

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