import co-ordinates(long,lat) into processing and overlay to google maps.

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I have about 200 points and i need to plot those points in the top of a google map of united states. I have already changed the map coordinates of US into projection of screen but i have no idea how to read the *.csv file from excel and plot it on top of the US google map to visualize the data.

I would really appreciate any help (Description) or syntax. Cheers!!


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    1. csv is really easy to load into processing with the help of loadTable()
    2. Not sure how do you use google maps, is it just an image? Anyway, there is Unfolding Maps library that has functions to convert coordinates to screen position, there are examples on how to use library on the site.
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    @ater== not sure that unfoldings works with googlemaps (last time i have tried it was not possible, openStreet maps only)...Perhaps now....

  • thanks guys fixed it

  • Hi sabn98, would you mind posting some of your code as I'm trying the same thing but without any joy. I would like to use google maps as an image then draw routes over the top, but I'm unsure how to do it. Thanks in advance.


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