Kinect-Processing-Arduino Serial Communication problem.

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For my master finals I am planning to make some kind of interactive sculptures. One of them is supposed to work with the kinect sensor using the body movements to manipulate the sculpture. I have been trying some examples that I found in some books and I found one in particular that could be adapted to my work. The example I am trying to use is from the chapter 6 in the book "Arduino & Kinect Projects" from Enrique Ramos Melgar and Ciriaco Castro Diez. ( )

It is a puppet that can be manipulated via internet with the kinect sensor through Processing sending signal to the servos attached to each joint in the Arduino.

My idea is to make it to do the same but over serial communication and not over a server/client. That the user stands in front of the sculpture and the servos move with their body movement in front of them without using internet but just normal serial communication between Kinect-Processing-Arduino.

Could any of you help me with this?

Here I show you the codes from the book that I have where the processing code is not yet talking to the server and according to the book I could use this code and connect it via serial communication to the arduino to move the servos with the body movement read by the kinect.

I am sorry if Im not that clear, I am doing my best and I would be very happy if some of you could give me a hint of how to achieve this in order to adapt the example to my own project.

Thanx in advance!

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