I can't see my external digital camera in the video capture list

I'm trying to use the following video capture code http://processing.org/reference/libraries/video/Capture.html

and using the Canon EOS 500d digital camera instead of the Mac Book Pro built-in camera as the live capture in the processing. However I only can see the my macbook pro built-in camera on the capture list (under the println). Surely, the camera can be recognised and well detected with the device.

Can anyone help for this? Thank you!


  • Try this Camera live app which will create a Syphon server streaming the frames from the camera. You can use the client in the Syphon library for Processing to grab the frames into your sketch.

  • Hy codeanticode! Hello from Brazil. A Huge Thanks for you! really!

    The Camera live app starts perfectly my camera (Canon T3). But, when i start the Syphon Example in Processing, there is no Syphon Servers listed. There´s something else that i need to do?

  • Sorry man, the Camera is listed properly now! I was doing wrong. :D

    There is somewhere that i can learn how to show the image from the camera in the Processing Sketch, using your library?

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