Any MIDI library compatible with Processing 3?

I am trying to use a physical MIDI controller to control my Processing v3 sketch. I've tried 2 libraries - proMIDI and The Minibus, but neither works with Processing v3. They both say they are incompatible.

What I need to do is to turn the knobs on my controller to change a few variables in P5 sketch.

Does anyone know any compatible libraries or how to execute my idea?



  • If you need this in a hurry, here's a hack. Create a separate Processing 2.x sketch that reads in the MIDI data from your controller, and send the data via OSC to your Processing 3.x sketch.


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    Thanks for your answer, but on Mac, you cannot open 2 different versions of Processing at the same time.

    I found another library called RWMidi, which does not seem to be maintained, and the official page is down, but I've managed to find a library jar file somewhere on the web, and it works nicely with Processing version 3.

  • Good to hear you found a library that works!

    I think it's still possible to export a Processing 2.x sketch as a Java application, and run that simultaneously with your Processing 3.x sketch. (I vaguely remember running Java apps exported from different Processing versions, but that was awhile ago, probably pre-Processing 3.) But the new library takes care of this better, of course!


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