Looking for a Great Group of programmers in Processing!

My summer game project is Touhou. I would like to make a game similar. If you are interested tell me your email



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    You have found one! The Forum regulars are all already here.

    I help via the forums for free because it is public (and fun!).

    If you wish to commission me for a private software project, you can get in touch with me via email: tfguy44 at gmail dot com

  • @TfGuy44 i sent you an email

  • @TfGuy44 how much would you like to get paid? And can we market the idea on the appstore for android?

  • This is not the place to ask that.

    If you make it, it's your's to market how you see fit.

  • @TfGuy44 don't you want to be a part of it? Email me what you would like...

  • Since you asked... My rates would make your head spin. Unless you have a VC to back you up, just forget about privately commissioning me.

    You other option is help via the forums. As I have said, I help here because it is public, and what helps you may help others. There are some limitations here, however: No one is going to do all the work for you. You actually have to write the code and put some effort in.

    So, what do you have working so far? Do you have Processing installed? Can you run example sketches? Do you know how to program? Do you have any code? What's wrong with it? What should it be doing instead?

  • I think he has a great idea and is aiming at founding a company for making an android app...

  • @TfGuy44 yes, I am currently programming. could you email me your rates and i could see if i can make it work

  • Hey @lolnyancats, I actually have a group that is working on some things, if you would like some information, please email: quentrum@gmail.com. But only message me if you don't have something with @TfGuy44, I don't want to ruin any previous plans. Just if you are free, and you want to do something, you can email me.

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