Installing a Modes without using users sketchbook

I am installing processing 2.2.1 onto a series of systems with multiple users and want to setup a standard environment for all the user.

I am not able to get the processing to see any modes other than java when the modes are installed into the applications modes folder and not in the users sketchbook folder. In particular I am trying to use PDE X but have the same problem if I try to install Python or any other mode.

Is there a way to install a mode into a location other than the users home folder and have it work?



  • Perhaps install it once somewhere in the system, and make a symbolic link to it in all user' sketchbooks. Still have to do an operation on each account, but it is more lightweight.

    I wish Processing separate libraries & modes from sketches, too, would make backups and versioning easier.

  • I'm wanting to do the same thing with version 3.3.6. Can this be done now? The Java 'Mode' seems to be in with the downloaded zip file. Is there any way to add another 'mode' into the same folder with the rest of the initial content (in my case, c:\Program Files\Processing 3.3.6) so that the IDE recognizes it when it launches?

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