[video library] movies with alpha channel supported?

I'd like to use video with an alpha channel. I now have a Quicktime movie with the animation codec (that supports an alpha channel).

Is the video library able to read the alpha channel? I came across a solution with the GSVideo library, however I think this library is now integrated in Processing 2. Daniel Shiffman suggest to use two movie files and then to mask, however that makes the application kind of heavy.

Another solution I was thinking was to use a chromakey shader (I actually implemented that already), however using alpha information directly is much nicer of course.



  • _vk_vk
    edited June 2015

    Not an answer, just a thought. You could save your Quicktime as an image sequence, and load them in a PImage array and use the alpha channel...

  • Good thought. However all the frames are then loaded uncompressed in memory. This works for small and short animations (a spritesheet is also an option in that case), but it soon gets heave for the system. Also it doesn't work for video with sound.

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