Twitter feed with music visualiser - Fill troubles!

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Ok, so basically my program is some visuals which change colour randomly to the beat of music. There's also a twitter feed in there that pulls a user determined hashtag (can be any string tbh) and displays it. The problem is that the random fill affects everything. If I have another fill anywhere within 'void draw()' even after the code that does this, it overwrites the random colours!

I want the text to be white and the visual to continue to change colour. Cannot figure it out!

I'm really new to this, it's just a module at Uni and I am by no means a experience coder but processing 2 is completely new. The deadline is Monday and I still have a 10 page doc to finish but i need to fix this first! please help. Thanks!

the code below is what changes the colour to the beat

     beat.detect(player.mix); //detects the beat
       if (beat.isOnset() ) {
        fill(                    //once beat detected this will change the colour of the visual element to a random colour


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