Understanding *.obj files and the loadShape function

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Can someone explain to me in what situation the loadShape example code in the documentation:


Would work to load an obj file? When I export an obj file from tinkercad I cannot load it. Do I need to use the OBJLoader library? Why does the OBJLoader library need to exist when there is a loadShape function? Or why does the loadShape function documentation discuss obj files when it doesn't work?

I suspect that obj files are more complicated than I think, but can't figure it out. Any help would be appreciated.




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    SVG support (from the same function) is known to be spotty, on purpose, as SVG is a big specification and Processing deliberately supports only a subset, to keep the code small.
    One can suppose support for the OBJ format is incomplete too, for the same reason...

  • Makes sense. Thanks!

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