How would I put some processing code into an html?

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Hello, I have started html programming, and I know somethings I won't be able to do with that language. But I know that I can use processing. Say, I have a complete sketch, its completely done. How would I put that in my html code? I know this is more of an html question but basically all i'm asking here mainly is is putting a processing sketch in html possible.



  • Use "JavaScript Mode" in order to transpile Java code into JS w/ pjs framework.

  • Okay, so download the JavaScript mode and write my code using that, then I convert that into pjs? I don't know what that is. I can't use my processing sketch though?

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    Just CTRL+R and JS Mode will automatically generate an ".html" file which will load "processing.js" framework. And then a browser will open w/ it!
    Don't forget to CTRL+S the sketch 1st!

  • Yes, I remember to do that. SO basically I build my sketch with javascript mode (which i just installed) and then I save that. There is this one video that shows how to actually put that in your previous html code, so I will use that right?

  • No wait I basically mean I will do what I just said.

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