Connect to specific com port on serial

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hello, I'm new in processing. before I explain the problem, apologize for my bad english.

so I have a project using Raspbery Pi and connected to the robot (arduino) via bluetooth. serial port used is / dev / rfcomm0. I want RPI response "Turn On The Robot" when the robot does not live . I tried using Serial.list (), store it in a String and then compare it, it did not succeed. I'm new in programming java.

i really need help to solve this.

import processing.serial.*;

char[] data_ = new char[10];
String serial_port;
String save_port;
String serialRfcomm = "/dev/rfcommO";
int WIDTH   = 800; //x
int HEIGHT  = 470; //y
int tunjuk = 0;
PFont font;
Serial BT;
char x;
boolean btCheck = false;

void setup() {

  size(400, 240);
  font = loadFont("~/App/data/AgencyFB-Reg-48.vlw");

  textFont(font, 14);
  serial_port = BT.list()[0];
  BT = new Serial(this, serial_port, 9600);

void draw() {

  serial_port = BT.list()[0];         // store serial port
  if ( serial_port == serialRfcomm) { // compare to take action 
    if (!btCheck) {
      BT = new Serial(this, serial_port, 9600);
      btCheck = true;
    text("robot Is ON", 10, 10);
    println("robot Is ON");
  } else {                              // if not print it
    println("Turn ON robot");
    text("Turn ON Robot", 10, 10);


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