Circle not closing properly

Hello all. I'm trying to draw a circle with trigonometry, calling curveVertex() every 30 degrees in a for loop. The thing is, even though I include 360 in the for statement, the stroke doesn't close properly with endShape(). I don't want to use endShape(CLOSE), because it closes with a line instead of a curve, and the 30 degree step makes it look terrible. What am I doing wrong?

for(int i = 0; i <= 360; i += 30) {
   curveVertex(pos.x + sin(radians(i))*r, pos.y + cos(radians(i))*r);


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    By the way, here's an image of what it looks like:

  • you could use ellipse...

  • I know I could use ellipse, but drawing it manually enables me to vary the radius of the circle adding some noise, etc

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    PVector pos = new PVector(300, 300);
    float r = 40;
    size (600, 600);
    for (int i = 0; i <= 430; i += 30) {
      curveVertex(pos.x + sin(radians(i))*r, pos.y + cos(radians(i))*r);
  • mine works with 430 as upper bound which is ridiculous

    when you use 200 as upperbound, you'll see that he doesn't even start at south pos but a little more right

  • Oh, nice! That worked. Thank you very much!

  • well, it's a work around...

    it's not an answer

    maybe the radians or sin gives errors....

  • first and last points aren't part of the drawing.

    from the reference:

    "The first and last points in a series of curveVertex() lines will be used to guide the beginning and end of a the curve. A minimum of four points is required to draw a tiny curve between the second and third points. Adding a fifth point with curveVertex() will draw the curve between the second, third, and fourth points."

  • ah, well spotted

    I somehow thought they would be vertex...

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