Audio output monitoring of video

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I am trying to monitor audio information of a Video I have playing within Processing and then use that data to trigger events. Is there a simple way to monitor the audio output of your soundcard using processing?

I just posted a question along similar lines, here and thought my question was solved, now I am realizing it may not be as simple as I had hoped, as it looks like, as I understand it, that the Sound library can only monitor input audio, not output?

I have been messing with the Minim library and haven't figured out a way to transfer the audio output into number information. println("out"), out); returns ddf.minim.AudioOutput@73c66667

anyone know of a simple way to do this, or have a direction you might nudge me in?



  • Maybe you can try being a little more specific for what you want it to print out? I' don't know much about the minim library, but I have been in situations where I had to print out certain numbers. If you want frequency, or whichever you need.

  • Part of the problem is simply that I don't know the ins and outs of the minim library, I have been looking at the documentation, and it may be that I am misusing certain methods that would otherwise work.

    Ultimately I am trying to analyze different components of the audio, using that information to trigger visualization. For now, I don't really care what kind of numbers it returns, because I will map the value to whatever range I need, and then use those numbers to inform the events.

    Thanks for ya'alls help

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