Msafluid Cuts Out, SimpleopenNI

I am having some trouble getting processing to continue drawing a fluid effect on the kinect skeleton. I have a sketch that uses the kinect and msafluid, but I am having a problem where the fluid effect will cut out for no reason then sometimes pick back up. I think the issue has to do with too many users being recognized but could be way wrong. Has anyone experienced this issue. I'm on OS X 10.10.

I figure to solve this I could limit the number of users to one instead of the default 12-14? The code I made limits the users that are drawn but allows the user list to build in the background.

// draw the skeleton if it's available int g;
for (g=1; g<=1; g++)



I am not getting any errors and the kinect is still tracking the skeleton when it cuts out. Is there any way to get a more in-depth look at whats going on when the effect cuts out. Still pretty new at this, any help is greatly appreciated.


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