Processing Serial support on ARMV7l

Hey gang,

I'm trying to get Processing 2.1 working on the new Udoo board. (It's armv7l Cortex A9 based).

I've managed to get Processing to start, and all the graphical stuff works fine, but when I try to do anything related to the serial ports, I get no list back (Serial.list() returns nothing.)

The that came in the linux 32 bit package didn't seem to work (I assume it was for x86). I replaced it with the official libJSSC-2.6 for arm soft float as well as trying the hard float version, and it's still giving me nothing back for a list.

Ideas? There's a number of us who really want to use Processing on the Udoo as it's the perfect marriage of Linux + Arduino all in one...



  • I would love to help, but I'm soon going to be in the same boat...

  • I'd really wanted to use Processing on the Udoo myself but haven't had any success using anything that requires libraries whether core or contributed either. Consistently getting errors which say a library is either incorrectly installed or only for 64 bit distributions...

    Seemed like it the udoo would be a perfect platform for processing+arduino. I'd love to hear if anyone's had success getting sketches with processing.serial up and running

  • I just got my Udoo. I think it's safe to say that lots of libraries will need to be compiled again from source, and maybe tweaked a little. If anyone wants to help me out with this it'd be much appreciated. But I haven't got my starter kit yet, so It'll be a few days yet...

  • Hello Guys, just registering my interest in this too. I have tried most of the Linux flavours on the Udoo, and for the moment Debian Wheezy appears to be the most stable and smoothest OS. I would love to get Processing2 working on Udoo Debian, and would be willing to add another brain to the 4 musketeers above :o)

  • I believe that Oracle JDK is included in Debian Wheezy, and is needed for Processing. As mentioned here

  • I don't have any past experience adapting libraries for different platforms but even only the .serial and .video libraries could be migrated it would make a lot of projects possible. I'd be interested on working on this but don't know how much help I'd be...

  • I am currently running Processing on an Odroid U3 ARM processor board running Xubuntu 13.10

    The board has a screaming 1.7GHz ARM processor with 2GB of RAM that was originally made for the Samsung S3 phone. It runs Processing at a decent speed unlike other ARM boards.

    On Xubuntu, after you update the file with the ARM version you then need to add yourself to the dialout group in order to access the serial port:

  • Hi Thanks, this also worked on my UDOO board which uses a ARM but i cant get the processing video library to work or start a webcam. Anybody got anyluck with that?

  • I have video working on my Odroid U3 ARM board with Processing. I had to compile the Processing source code on my Odroid for the video to work.

  • How do you compile processing source code? Im about buying odroid u3 when its out on the market. Im going to use it for video and generatives. does it performe well?

    Im using raspberry pi at the moment but it is very very slow and doesnt work well for my purpose ...

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