Separating Net messages

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Starting to use the Net library and notices that sometimes multiple messages would "stick" together and be read as one message. Ive started using a start and end flag and string indexOf to find complete messages out of the clusters. I was wondering if there is a built in or easier way to do this?

input "start""message1""end""start""message2""end"

output message1 message2


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    • In terms of efficiency, 1 char value is faster than a whole String for searching.
    • And no need for both "start" & "end". 1 is pretty enough to define as delimiter signal.
    • I propose some unused char like \f as your DELIM at the end (or start) of every unit.
    • You can stick w/ indexOf() or use split() to get the message separated as String[]. :)

    static final char DELIM = '\f';
    static final String MSG = "Message" + DELIM + "received here" + DELIM + "and now!" + DELIM;
    void setup() {
      println("Batch received:\n" + MSG + '\n');
      String[] msgs = split(MSG, DELIM);
      println("# of tokens in this transmission batch:", msgs.length - 1, '\n');
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