Hand Animation and Appearance

So, I am using a library called leap motion for processing. There is a draw method which draws the detected hands on the screen. I am wanting to change what the hands look like. There does not seem to be any built in customization options for this. So, I thought I would write my own methods to do this. However, I am not sure where in the library's code the hands are being drawn.

I am wanting to see how the hands are being drawn on the screen now so I can alter it in my own methods. I'm not even sure if it is the library itself that is responsible for how the hands end up appearing or if it is the leap motion library. If anyone could help me locate the code for how the hands get drawn on the screen I would be grateful. the sketch looks something like this at its most basic:

void setup() {

size(1225,675, OPENGL);

leap = new LeapMotion(this); 


void draw() {

for (Hand hand : leap.getHands ()) {




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