Differences between 3D libraries

Hello everyone. I have opened this topic to make order for the creation of 3D in processing. It would be nice to write the differences between these libraries:

  • Toxiclib
  • He-Mesh
  • Modelbuilder
  • IGeo

I think the main questions are:

  • Which one is better for real-time generative 3d-geometries?
  • Which one is using more the GPU?
  • Which one is better for rendering quality?
  • Which one is more easy to coding?
  • Which one is easy way for create complex Mesh?
  • Which one is good for Voronoi, Octree, etc?
  • Which one is good for modify generative mesh? Face, Edge, Vertex modify?
  • Which one have good integration with the Processing language?
  • Which one is still updating for future use of Processing 3.0?

I hope lot users will partecipate to share your opinion, good and bad experiences.

Thanks Daimon


  • Hi Daimon, what an interesting and BIG question !!!

    I´m newbie with toxiclibs and HE_Mesh. Don`t know anythig about Modelbuilder nor IGeo.

    These are my first impressions:

    • HE_Mesh works with a Half Edge structure that it is believed to be more efficient...

    • HE_Mesh is under an active development (thanks WBlut !!!). It seems that Toxiclibs is abandoned...what a pity!

    • Toxiclibs has a verletphysics library incorporated. HE_Mesh don´t :(

    • Toxiclibs has a intuitive VolumetricBrush. HE_Mesh?

    • HE_Mesh meshes can be easily exported to PShape (GPU). Toxiclibs?

    • HE_Mesh calculates Voronoi3D and Delaunay3D. Toxiclibs don´t.


  • Thank you @brainwashed. Finally a first answer after months! We can start write a reference of all 3d libraries now, waiting more anwers :)

  • iGeo is not supported in processing 2.0. :(

  • Thank you @schwak, nice to know!

  • Igeo latest version for Processing 2.2.1 and 1.5 released.(2015/06/20)

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