Views on my ideas regarding GSoC ?

Hello everyone, I'm a student at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur; pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. I have an exceptional interest in coding and have accumulated a lot of experience in the past year, and want to put it to good use this summer. I would be glad if people could give their views about my ideas for GSoC 2015.

1) Implementing OpenCV library for I have used this library quite a lot, and personally find it very easy to use, even for small projects which don't require its mathematical portions. Even a small portion of OpenCV would do a nice task for most purposes.

2) Implementing better text-editing tools for Processing IDE, things like a vim-tool (I'm a vim user), emacs tool, and/or a modern syntax/editing tool. I had a lot of trouble with the Arduino IDE, and noticed that the text-editing mode could do with a lot of fixes and improvements. It sounds like a small project for GSoC, comments?

3) Working on I am pretty comfortable with Python and JAVA. Any specific things which come to mind concerning this? What should I write about in my proposal for this?

4) Documentation for Should this be combined with the above point?

Thanks for taking out your time.


  • Hello ! I can't tell you what is good or not to do for GSoc 2015, I discover only yesterday what it is...

    But I am almost sure that OpenCV already exists in Processing, then I don't think it's relevant to do it again :)

    I don't know about the others things Good luck !

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    I'm sorry, I forgot to mention. I was planning to port OpenCV for, the python implementation of Processing. I will make the change above. Thanks for replying :) And thus, if it exists for Processing, it must be relevant. I think it can be done, porting it to . Views on this are welcome :)

    1. From what I understand b/c Python Mode runs on Jython all of the Processing libraries can be used without additional porting.

    2. Processing 3.0 development is underway with many new editor features. If you want to propose prototyping a new editor separate from this process, my suggestion is to build it as a stand-alone mode.

    3. If you read the GSOC FAQ, proposals for documentation cannot be considered.

    4. The main task for Python Mode is to update its compatibility with the 3.0 alpha series. Right now Python Mode only runs with Processing 2.x.

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