How viable would it be for me to participate in this GSoC?

Hi, I'm debating whether or not to put together an application for GSoC here. I am fairly skilled in java, rather weak on maths, and have never worked with Processing in any capacity. I'd really love to contribute, but don't know if inexperience with processing will be a severe impediment or not.

The project idea I'm kicking around involves a flowchart generation library, and possibly using those flowcharts to simulate moving values around. I haven't found anything like that already in processing, but if it does exist, please correct me.


  • Experience with Processing is not a formal requirement but in the past we have rarely accepted from proposals from developers entirely new to Processing. My suggestion would be to take the remaining time you have this week to build a small project with Processing (ideally related to your library idea) and include it with your proposal.

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