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64-bit images - Just for fun project (Read 4562 times)
64-bit images - Just for fun project
Jun 18th, 2010, 12:35pm
So last night i was scrolling through the sample for "Processing: a programming handbook for visual designers and artists" to see what it's about and the interview with Jared Tarbell really caught my eye with his "Fractal.Invaders" and i remember trying to do something like it myself some years ago but failing badly, basically my idea was to do it all with one "big" recursive function - long story short: Stack overflow.

Anyways, so i thought "hey lets try it again, i must be able to come up with some smart way of doing it" and as it turns out i was. So i thought i'd share what i came up with:


int number;
int rectWidth;
int offset;
void setup(){
 number = 1515175624; //magic constant!
 offset = 5; //ofset from the edge of the window.. sort of
 rectWidth = height/8-offset; // width of the boxes

void draw(){
 int temp = number;
 for(int y = 0; y < 8;y++){
   for(int x = 0; x < 4;x++){
     if(temp%2 == 0){
     temp = temp >>1;
//number = int(random(-(MAX_INT)))+int(random((128))); //uncomment this - shit brix

void mousePressed(){
 number = int(random(-(MAX_INT)))+int(random((128)));

I'd like to point out that while the code is indeed mine, the idea of mirroring the random-pattern to create space invader-like creature belongs to Jared (as far as i can tell). This code is just my solution to the program he described. Also i haven't actually seen Jared's source code for it was in .fla format and im still downloading flash.
There, just wanted to point that out so no one is offended or confused :)

Usage: Click to create a new random thingy.
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