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File Problems
« on: Sep 3rd, 2004, 4:49pm »

I am having 2 problems (in version 0069 on
Windows XP), each of which can be loosely  
considered to have to do with files.
Problem 1: I associated PDE files with the
"processing.exe" application; however, when I double
click on a PDE file, while Processing does come
up, the wrong PDE file is there. I would expect
the PDE file that I clicked to come up. Is there
a way to facilitate this? I may not want to store
all of my Processing files under the primary
Processing directory. I would think that the
Processing IDE would simply load whatever file
is given to it (through double-clicking)?
Problem 2: I am using Jsyn with Processing, and
have one application where I need to do file
stream input. Here is the single line in the code:
stream = (InputStream) (new FileInputStream(
I have to store "myfile.wav" in the main Processing
directory, otherwise Processing will not find it.
Using the IDE, Processing will then correctly execute
the code. The problem comes when I try to Export
To Web. The export works, but when I try to launch
the index.html, the applet fails  
perhaps because I am not
putting "myfile.wav" in the right place? I have
one other code sample using Jsyn, and Export to
Web works; however, in that code I am not doing
file I/O.

Re: File Problems
« Reply #1 on: Sep 3rd, 2004, 6:35pm »

you can't just associate the files with processing, it's not made to handle that. this is addressed here:
as for opening files, you need to put the file in a subfolder called 'data' inside the sketch's folder, then use loadStream() (or openStream if you're using rev 69) instead of creating a new FileInputStream. this is a java issue, since a FileInputStream with no path will open a file relative to the currently running executable, which when inside processing, is processing.exe.
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