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   changing presentation background color
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changing presentation background color
« on: Jun 21st, 2004, 12:03pm »

For some reason I have been unable to change the background color of Processing's presentation mode. It looks like the place to change this parameter is line 114 in the pde.properties file, but editing it seems to have no effect. I've changed it to the following:
... but the presentation background remains the usual #666666.
The great mini-launcher Toxi wrote is a good workaround. See the very useful "creating an EXE" thread to learn about that.
But I still want to know how to do this in presentation mode. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong
And ok, so maybe I'm a dope, but what do I have to do to add a hyperlink to text in this forum I couldn't figure out how to add the link to the "creating an EXE" thread to the text that referenced it. I could only get it to work by including the full URL.
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Re: changing presentation background color
« Reply #1 on: Jun 21st, 2004, 5:09pm »

did you restart processing after changing the pde.properties file?

Re: changing presentation background color
« Reply #2 on: Jun 21st, 2004, 5:50pm »

To add a link, do this: [ url=<address> ] <link text> [ /url ] ...without all the spaces.
And strangely enough, you have to not put quotes around the address.

Re: changing presentation background color
« Reply #3 on: Jun 21st, 2004, 6:37pm »

oh, you need to remove the # from in front of the line.. see the top of the pde.properties file, which reads:
# a pound sign at the beginning of a line is a comment
# parameters need to be un-commented before they take effect
# usually, the default is listed here, just commented out
so you need to change the  

Re: changing presentation background color
« Reply #4 on: Jun 22nd, 2004, 12:18am »

hey, thanks for your help! taking out the comment works. and so does following narain's hyperlinking instructions.
a little more invistigation and I found complete instructions on how to format text in this forum here.
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