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Hello there, So… where can I find some indication of what classes have been changed in the latest version of SimpleOpenNi?

The latest change log takes me nowhere:

The main thing that is confusing me, is that when I try various kinect examples from the web, several functions related to scene (sceneImage, enableScene etc) no longer exist so I'm struggling running examples and getting started with using this library. Make sense or am I completely missing something? Any help really appreciated.



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    OK, so poking around on google led me back to this forum and in particular blyk's post

    From what I can see, the main changes effecting me are:

    enableScene() has changed to enableUser() sceneImage() had changed userImage()

    Can anybody clarify what else, if anything else that has changed? simpleOpenNI is pretty ace but I'm struggling to find any documentation other than the Javadocs. Btw, once I'd made the necessary changes to my code the examples ran nice on OSX 10.8.2, Processing 2.1

  • thanks a lot!

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    found this on the internet. Maybe someone will need this:

    Since the big update of OpenNi/Nite, SimpleOpenNi is totally different:

    enableHands() is now enableHand(),

    addGesture(String) is now startGesture(int gesture),

    removeGesture(String) is endGesture(int gesture),

    startTrackingHands(PVector) is startTrackingHand(float[] pos)

    Nite is not yet implemented in simpleOpenNi 1.96, so as far as I know, I think there are only 3 gestures you can use, GESTURE_CLICK, GESTURE_HAND_RAISE, GESTURE_WAVE

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