View code structure tool - Sketch Outline for PDE 3

I've been looking for an instrument helping to view structure of sketches. I believe this is extremely useful feature, but I didn't find any working one for Processing 3. The only similar tool I found is abandoned 4 years ago and doesn't support Processing 3.

So I forked the original project and fixed compatibility. In addition, it's now embedded into editor as a panel instead of being a separate window.

You can download updated tool from github.


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    Thank you for your tool. (P.S. I didn't test it yet, but the feature would be really useful)

  • @Simplifier

    It was not clear how to install it but I figure it out. Maybe you can modify the github's instructions? From the link you provided, I went into folder distribution >> SketchOutline-0.2.0 >> download and I got the latest release's zip and that was the folder I placed in [my_sketchbook] >> tools.

    Excellent tool by the way.


  • Ok, I'll try to make the instructions clearer. Thanks for feedback!

  • @Simplifier -- Thank you for sharing.

    I see that you have posted Sketch Outline in:

    Contributions Manager > Tools > Sketch Outline

    However, when I look at it with Processing 3.2.3 it says:

    "0.1.7 not compatible"

    Is there a specific version of Processing that it is compatible with?

    P.S. you might want to change the announcement title of this post to include that name of Sketch Outline!

  • @jeremydouglass

    I see that you have posted Sketch Outline in:

    Contributions Manager > Tools > Sketch Outline

    Actually no. This is an old version by Manindra Moharana and it's compatible with Processing 2.x only.

    I sent a request to add my tool to the Contribution Manager, but didn't get answer yet.

    For the present you should go to github and follow the instructions

  • The current version I am using with Processing 3 is 0.2.0 in case anybody is wondering....


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    @Simplifier -- got it -- didn't mean to muddy the waters. GitHub manual install for now.

  • @jeremydouglass, @kfrajer

    Fine! Feel free to give your feedback here

  • @Simplifier: can the tool show something like this:


  • @Chrisir, no, it can't. I believe, it's a cool feature, but orthogonal to the current functionality and too controversial. So it might be a great task for another tool

  • I would use the tool for finding architectural mistakes in my code (for bigger projects).

    Like when a class is called in a circle structure (A-B-C-A) or from too many different places.

    (I don't know which architectural mistakes there are)


  • This would be a really cool tool if it worked with the current version of Processing. It looks like it was built using AWT, so it disembowels itself with exceptions all over the console if you try to run it under Processing 3.2.4. I wish I knew enough to fix it myself, but not yet....


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