Mac 64-bit solutions? Almost no library is working here

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Hello everybody :)

Recently got a new retina Macbook with Mavericks, sad enough almost no library works on this new computer.

I'm using the latest Processing 2 and have installed libraries like JMyron (one of my favorites!) and I cannot use my camera tracking anymore. The Intel library from Jibberia doesn't seem to solve my problem! The code still tells me that the architecture of the files is not matching my system.

Next week I am having assessments at the art academy and I cannot run the programs now that I have painstakingly been writing in the last months! My old computer has been sold and I am totally clueless. I had no idea that these libraries wouldn't work on a 64-bit Mac.

Is there anyone that knows a workaround? I am not in the position to install a new bootcamp partition, so thats already ruled out.

The thing that I want to do is track movement, make the screen black and project a flock of birds around the person moving in the image. I was able to do this on my old mac, I could also use my PS3 Eye camera which is also unreachable on the new macbook. I am able to load up the image on macam so the camera is working fine, however I cannot reach it through Processing no matter what I do. Also tried downgrading my Java versions but nothing works between Java 6 and 7.

I hope there is someone with my experiences on the forum.


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    How about emulate a whole machine using something like VirtualBox?

    You can install something light like WinXP or even much lighter Linux distros like PepperMint or Bodhi:

    Then, you can run Processing from them! :bz

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, I figured to first learn to understand Linux or WinXP would be too much for me. I have 4 courses that all need to be presented next week and I can't afford to put more time in it.

    I have decided to 3D-print all the objects that I wanted to move around and instead of using Processing made a scale model with magnets inside these objects so I can move them with a carriage that is placed underneath the floorplan of the model :)

    Will continue with working in Processing after next week, I hope the 64-bit versions will soon work well with libraries such as jMyron. I will send the developer a message to ask if they can upgrade the existing one?

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