How to embedded openprocessing code on ?

I have a behance online portfolio and I want to integrate/embedded my interactive openprocessing code there so that when people visit my portfolio they can see directly my code there without visiting openprocessing.


  • I don't know behance, but if they allow you to insert HTML code, you just follow the instructions at (or those of the JavaScript mode for the PDE).

  • Actually they allow inserting "iframe" but it only works for videos so when I was copying the embedded code from openprocessing, which also has " iframe ", and try to insert this code with it refuses to embedded.

  • Ah, you want to embed the site itself, not only your sketches?

    Wouldn't it be simpler to put the JS code (if that's JS) in the site directly?

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    No, I actually just wan to embed my sketch not site but I thought < iframe> is the only option to do this

  • Answer ✓

    So I send you back to which has full instructions for that...

  • Thanks I'll Check and let you know :)

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