Generative Visuals

About five years ago my uni more a less forced me to learn Processing. While most of classmates (being more interested in conventional graphic design) complained, I decided to experiment with how sound and graphics could be combined. It started in an extremely simple way with circles popping up to the music, controlled with a Korg MIDI panel. When a lot of my friends started djing, I thought I might as well use my programme. It constantly evolved over the years and all of a sudden I found myself vjing at clubs and festivals across Europe.

Since everything is happening real-time I had troubles rendering something out. Now filmmaker Paul Freiberger produced a video about my project, and I’m finally able to share it with you:

More information can be found here: Jupiter Farms

Hope you like it!


  • excellent work

    What a great career!

  • Thank you Chrisir!

    Career-wise I’m working as a graphic designer, the VJ thing is more a side project … but maybe that’s why enjoy it so much.

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