how to import sound library on github?


I'd like to import and use the sound library with 64 bit 2.2.1, but can't find any instructions here, or on github pages. Which folders do I need to download? Do I need to create a folder to put them in? It's completely inscrutable to me at the moment.

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    If you're speaking about Processing Sound Library, it is easier to download it with Library Manager and it would install library where needed. For manual installation, please read this:

  • I can't see Processing Sound Library in the Library Manager. Also, as I said, there are no instructions on which folders/files I need to download, and whether they need a containing folder, etc. I haven't manually downloaded a library before, happy to try and wing it, but it would be useful if someone could just point me to which of the many folders on there I need to download in order to use the example programs listed for this library. Thanks, RB

  • OK.. I'll just repeat the information to which I post a link:

    Contributed libraries may be downloaded separately and manually placed within the libraries folder of your Processing sketchbook. As a reminder, the sketchbook is where your sketches are saved. To find (and change) the Processing sketchbook location on your computer, open the Preferences window from the Processing application (PDE) and look for the "Sketchbook location" item at the top.

    Copy the contributed library's folder into the libraries folder at this location. You will need to create the libraries folder if this is your first contributed library.

    By default the following locations are used for your sketchbook folder. For Mac users the sketchbook folder is located inside ~/Documents/Processing . For Windows users the sketchbook folder is located inside folder Documents/Processing .

    Let's say you downloaded a library with name theLibrary. Then the folder structure of this library inside the libraries folder should look like the one below. The top folder of a library must have the same name as the .jar file located inside a library's library folder (minus the .jar extension):

                     your sketch folders

    Some folders like examples or src might be missing. After a library has been successfully installed, restart Processing application.

  • Thanks, I have read that though. I have now found the link on the github pageto download the complete library ( I hadn't realised that downloading the entire library was the thing to do.) Unfortunately, the library does not fit this file structure as there appears to be no .jar file in any of its subfolders, hence my original question. I realise I should have been more specific about that at the start.

    Will this run without a .jar file? Am I looking at an incomplete download? Thanks

  • As of 2.2.1 there appears to be no sound library in the Processing add library manager. I selected Sketch . Import Library > Add Library. I then set the Category to Sound and did not find it. There were three libraries, Beads, SuperCollider client for Processing and tactu5.

  • The instructions at about the sound library seam to be wrong or are right in a way I cannot figure out.

  • Hi ForrestErickson, can you be more specific?

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