raspberry pi gstreamer video

I'm trying to get a raspberry pi to send a video clip to a teensyduino using the octo2811 movie2serial pde. I've got hard-float java 7 installed and processing 2.1 running on raspbian by following this guide. I've got an UDP variation of movie2serial working so I'm pretty sure the problem is with gstreamer. Whenever I try to play a video using the processing.video library loop example I get "A library used by this sketch is not installed properly, a library relies on native code that's not available". I can play video fine using the pogg library and omxplayer. gst-launch-1.0 playbin uri=file:///home/pi/sketchbook/sample_mpeg4.mp4 also works fine.

Has anyone managed to get processing working with video on the raspberry Pi?


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