I work on an installation with 4 screens (2 horizontal & 2 vertical), with no borders junction. I'm wondering what's the best solution : use 4 computer with a lib like mostpixelever or use a computer with a 4 output GPU ?

What's the best for performance ? easy setup ? resistance ?

Thanks for your advices


  • It's going to be hard for us to answer this one, since the best way to test this out is to just try the different approaches and see what happens.

    It also depends entirely on what you want on the screens. Are they supposed to be the same display, or are they showing 4 different things?

  • They are showing the same scene (a 3D world with lot of particle) forme different point of view for each screen.

  • It's really up to you. If there isn't any interaction, this would be pretty easy with 4 computers- just start the simulation at the same time on all 4 computers.

    If there is interaction, then that makes it harder. But it's not really something we can answer for you, as it really comes down to personal preference, budget, and technical experience.

  • There is interaction indeed, i guess a powerfull GPU with 4 output is the best solution if i don't care about budget, and the mostpixelever is another solution for cheaper budget ?

  • It would be easiest to use a single computer, since you don't have to synchronize communication between anything then. Just create a single application that stretches across multiple monitors.

    However, for huge displays, a single computer isn't enough. You can either try to upgrade your single computer, or you can buy multiple computers. Which one is cheaper really depends on what exactly you're trying to do.

    MostPixelsEver helps you do the synchronization between multiple computers. I wouldn't say it's necessarily cheaper, since the only reason you'd really use it is if you had multiple computers.

    It's really up to you which approach you take.

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