internalError: transformed copyArea not implemented yet

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Hi, I am trying to new to translating and rotating, so that might be my problem. Here is the code snippet that is causing the error:

          translate(width/2 +35, height/2 +48);
          copy(cards, 73*x + 1, 98*y + 1, 71, 96, -35,-48, 71, 96);

          copy(-35, -48, 71, 96, 1, 1, 71, 96);

I am getting the error on the second copy command. I have tried changing the values of the copy command, but it doesn't seem to work. Can I not copy from the screen after it has been translated? Or is there something else I am doing wrong?

Thanks, ~Mikeshiny



  • can you have -ve numbers in copy ()?

  • It is an error from the Java2D rendering system, so I guess it doesn't like copy() after transformations...

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