32bit application vs 64 bit application

Hi ! i have made one application on 32 bit. Frame rate is 20.

using save command i tried to get 20 frames (20 * 60 = 1200 frame in 1 minute) per second.

when i run this application it create near 1070 frames in 1 minute & cpu usage goes 100%.

I have same application for 64 bit.

Will running on 64bit will this reduce cpu usage & frame increasing to 1200 ?



  • Why don't you try?

    Honestly, I don't think there is much difference of speed between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Java. In some cases, the 64-bit can even be slower (having to convert small bit-sized values to the 64-bit registers, perhaps).
    The main advantage of the 64-bit version is that it allows to have more memory (beyond gigabytes!).
    And some native libraries (like the new sound library of Processing, apparently) require to have the 64-bit version.

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    i don't have 64 bit, my one friend have 64 bit, ok i will test it tomorrow.

    but still one question, if i can't get 20 frames per second, then our final movie which i will create may be flicker.

    & what if i increase frame rate, i will loose many frames.


  • How do you make a movie? (BTW, it wasn't in the original question...)
    In Processing, now, you just have to export the frames to the hard disk and to make a movie out of them. So the framerate is rather irrelevant, unless you need to synchronize on something like sound.

  • Dear Sir,

    I test my 32 bit application on 64 bit window. Cpu usage goes near only 27% to 30%.

    In 5 minute recording , frame rate = 20, Total number of frames in 5 minute = 6000.

    I run application & i achieve near 5570 frames. It is good for me.

    My web cam support only 30 frames per second.

    It means it can get one frame in approx 33 ms.

    If i get new webcam with higher frame rate , then this time can be reduce & i can achieve my goal on 32 bit application. 1st i have to get one higher frame rate webcam.

    If i could not achieve my goal then I will use GSVideo library to create 64 bit application.

    BTW i am not using any sound in movie.

    to create movie, still i have not reied any software, but read on this forum about PICASA & ffmpeg.

    If you can suggest me any window application which should be easy & quick to create movie from frames. ( sound is not using)., then pls. suggest me. I have to record frames near 5 hour.

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