How could you go about rotating an image?

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I need to be able to rotate an image around a point so that if the image were rotated it would be upside down. The rotate() function will obviously only translate the display point letting be the orientation of the image itself. Any help is appreciated thankyou. I will accept working normal java code solutions.


  • Do you mean you want to scale an image and when the scale becomes negative the image is inverted?

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    I am going to assume that this function is going to be called from the draw method.

    To separate this transformation from others (perhaps you have 2 images to rotate) the code should be surrounded by calls to pushMatrix and popMatrix. I assume that you want to rotate about the image center so you will need to use imageMode(CENTER) putting that together you get


    Wrap this into a function passing x, y and angle as parameters and Bob's your uncle. You also might want to investigate pushStyle() and popStyle() to isolate changes made from things like fill(), rectMode() etc.

  • quark can I publish it that on our groups wiki?

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  • thanks! I'll keep you up to date.

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