Export application written in eclipse

Hi! I have wrote an application with Eclipse. I can export (via ant) as an executable jar but it does not contain the jvm, it does not have the processing icon and I'd like to export it as a native bundle app for mac, linux and windows within a jvm (Java 1.8) in it so it can be executed without installing java.

Anyone has some hints?



  • Well, either you modify the project to be loaded in the PDE, or you check how Processing does its exports and do the same.

  • can you be a little bit more detailed? where I can check how processing does its export?

  • In its source code...

  • very detailed answer..

  • Well, I don't see why I would do the search for you... Get the source, explore it.

    I vaguely recall a project allowing a Processing export from Eclipse, maybe it can be easier to search for it. Not sure if it bundles a JRE, though.

    There are also tools that create "fat jars", unrelated to Processing: since a Processing Eclipse project is just a plain Java project with the Processing library(-ies), they should work on it too.

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