Help with OpenCV Background Selection with DSLR input

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Hi all. I am developing a program that will take the input of a DSLR as a live feed and run background subtraction on the image. The main goal is to display just the background subtracted image, i.e. the image without the background, just the foreground objects.

I have got my DSLR feed into processing through Syphon. I have incorporated basic background subtraction that came with the OPENCV library. My background subtraction doesn't work. When there is any motion in the frame the 'contours' look like this:

Picture 2014-04-20 at 4.22.48 PM

can anyone out there help me? Can anyone send me some reading on OPENcv for processing? I am having a hard time learning this library, there doesn't seem to be much documentation on it. For example, what do the variables in opencv.startBackgroundSubtraction(int, int, double); do?



  • further working on this has yielded this....


    there are several contours of my hand... what's going on here? I've been reading the javadocs on opencv website but its kind of going over my head...

  • oh by the way what i see going on there is that the camera detects the motion, but seems to duplicate it many times and scale and enlarge it? The motion does fade into the background slowly. I want to take a still image and have the program base the foreground off this still image, as this will probably be in a controlled light environment.

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