creating a video from a sprite

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I will try to explain what I need to do as best I can.

I have created a split scanner which saves a landscaped image when the movie finishes loading (this is my sprite), then I created a new program that blends an alpha matte composite from After Effects with a moving girl. All this is fine, but the next program I need to create uses fairly simple x,y,z tracking data generated from within After Effects. This program needs to blend/merge the sprite with the alpha matte composite and is completely eluding me for the past few days.

Can anyone shed some light/inspiration on how to go about it?

I have googled all over the internet, but nothing can give me a definitive answer, the closest I have come is the 'landscape' example from within Processing but that uses a completely different file type

Cheers in advance.



  • Perhaps if you add some images to your explanation it is easier to follow. Do you need to sync the Processing camera with the tracking data from AE (hard) or do you just need to replace the transparent pixels in the alpha matte with your landscape image for each frame (easy)?

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