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Hello, my name is Nicușor Chiciuc (Nicu), I'm an undergraduate student at the Technical University of Moldova before I write my proposal form I want to get some question answered regarding how should a GUI be implemented in p5js.

The most straight forward method to implement some kind of controls in p5.js is to use a simple third party library, like the one I used in my projects (dat.GUI.js). In this case I would have to integrate dat.GUI with p5.js. This would provide a quite stable solution, and the possibility of further development.

I wasn't sure if this is what the p5.js team is looking for or if I should implement an API from scratch, so any feedback would be appreciated.



  • Is that gonna be a cross Java/JS mode library? [-O<

  • "Is that gonna be a cross Java/JS mode library?"
    Not if he uses a JS library!

    Note that there is already Guido for a cross-mode GUI library.

  • hi nicu, with this input module, we were thinking less about widgets / ide type things, and more like an extension module for people using p5.js to create applications that include user input. this would mean wrapping, or providing some interface to DOM elements such as forms, text input, buttons, etc. ideally something that could work on the client side without requiring a server. while you would be creating a specific module, the work you do would also be informing the design of future extensions modules... providing something of a template for how these fit in with the core.

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    There are so many good javascript libraries around. Wouldn't it be the best, to have just an interface to connect different libraries, or just your own pure DOM elements? I am thinking about a simple JSON bridge, which you can connect with your own javascript.

    Then writing plugins for DatGUI, jQuery UI, Dojo etc. should be really simple.

    The Google DatGUI is really nice (I use it quite often) but very limited, if it comes to configuration and design (if you don't want to make a complete rebuild by yourself...).

    PS: I really like the idea. As an experienced JS interface developer i would also join the development (if this is with the terms of GSoC...)

  • hi jonas and all, the IDE is an important and larger project, and there are a number of people interested in working on it. whoever takes on the project will likely have the job of not just writing code, but working with others to incorporate ideas and code contributions. we've started to throw around some thoughts and possibilities for this, you can follow the thread here, feel free to jump in.

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