GSoC 2018 - Processing for Android (Android mode translations )


my name is Ahmad Taufiq, a third-year undergraduate student from Indonesia. I am interested in mobile programming now I focus on Android native Developer, but I also learned to React native because I have a great curiosity and willingness to learn

  1. I want to start contributing and propose for this project please help on how to start.
  2. what I need to learn so I can prepare it


  • What exactly do you want to do? What is the end goal?

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    I am newcomer so I know little about gsoc, this idea is provided right? Sorry if I am wrong

  • @ataufiq123 Hi Ahmad! So currently the codebase has a few hardcoded strings used for messages like these. The translations project will implement a translation system so that different translations can be provided for those strings. This will be implemented for the Android mode but the goal of the project is to extend it and implement (if possible) a base API which can be used by all other modes to provide translations. A translation system already exists in the processing pde but it does not provide translations for the modes. You can check the code here to see how it works.

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