Cannot read property 'bind' of null (OpenProcessing)

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Hi i have a processing project which works just fine. Im trying to upload it to open processing, i copy and paste the code but i get a random error of "Cannot read property 'bind' of null".

If i open it on internet explorer, it gives me the error "Processing is undefined". I dont understand



  • i get "ControlsPage is null".

    have you read the java naming convention?

    in short:





    when everybody uses the same convention it's a lot easier to pick up what other people's code is trying to do. if all your methods look like ClassNames then it's less easy.

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    PImage ControlsPage;
    ControlsPage = loadImage("Images/ControlsPage.png");

    images typically go into the data subdirectory...

    void ControlsPage() {...}

    having methods called the same thing as member variables is ASKING FOR TROUBLE

  • Hi koogs, yes i made this about 2 years ago and i cringed when i saw my variable names again haha, anyway now im getting unexpected string.

    Its not telling me the line number either and i dont have any strings

    Would you have any idea about this? would be nice to see the line number if there was a way for it to tell me


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