Memory Leak

I have a memory leak issue, you can run through my code at: What it does when you place acid (type 9) is freeze, then the memory usage SKYROCKETS to a gigabyte.


  • Type 9, you say? Where specifically in you code is there a reference to type nine?

  • You'll have much better luck if you post a MCVE instead of your full sketch.

  • edited December 2017

    I actually saw a debug.log file, in it it says: [1215/] range at 0x7c452f3600000000, size 0x152 fully unreadable [1215/] range at 0x7c452f9800000000, size 0x152 fully unreadable [1215/] range at 0x0, size 0x152 fully unreadable

    What does that mean? :-?

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