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Hey everyone

I am Jay Dusara, a final year student at Mumbai University. I have been playing around with source code of processing. I managed to come up with a bugfix (Bug--> #3147, Pull Request--> #3157). I was reading the tool ideas and i am interested in contributing towards the following tools: 1. Template Maker 2. Class creation wizard 3. Examples Viewer (Examples are currently viewed in a new sketch dedicated to examples. So what do you exactly mean by this? ) 4. Button Creation

Please guide me further. Useful links and suggestions to get me a more clearer view of the project will be great. (Also a question-->am I supposed to select one of these or all of these??)

Also, i was thinking, wouldn't it be good if the user can add themes to the Sketch background apart from just changing the color??!! :D


  • The list of tools is a brainstorming document of ideas. My suggestion for you would be to take a week to work with Processing and develop a project. Think about what is missing from your experience and make a proposal for what you might improve via a tool. In terms of extending the drawing functionality for Processing this would be more appropriate for a library. Libraries extend the API, tools extend the Processing development environment ("PDE") itself.

    Take a look through the wikis for more:

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    The major ideas are the ones mentioned in your project ideas page itself..

    1. One of the crucial features is that of on-the-fly documentation. It is helpful not only to beginners but also to experienced people if the code is big. It will be great if it were like eclipse as in if you've typed something wrong, you get a red marker then and there...also it provides you suggestions regarding possible corrections. Some useful suggestions and links regarding this will be great. I guess Mr. Manindra Moharana is looking into this right?

    2. Github integration- as in you want a github wizard to be made through which users can clone, push, send pull requests etc right? I researched and found some APIs to make use of.

    3. Code Profiler-regarding this, I visited many sites. Some sources said that to make a profiler, you will have to write a native code in C which in effect will be my profiling agent. This agent should be loaded whenever the JVM is started. There is the JVM Tools Interface which can be used along with Java native methods. Writing a native code in C which extracts the info we need for the profiling agent will need a bit of research but it can be done.

    Also, I found some open source java profilers like VISUAL VM(its a big one to go through).. and some small ones like Profiler4j, Perf4j etc...I went through their source code a bit not in much detail.

    So, what do you think? @Shiffman do any of these fit the scope of GSoC?

  • the small profilers i mentioned dont seem to make use of some native code

  • @manindra will be a mentor this year for the Processing organization so he can answer questions about the "on-the-fly" documentation. All of the above fit the scope of GSOC, however, I might suggest the github wizard or code profiler given they can be developed more easily as stand-alone tools. Github would probably have a larger audience than code profiling, but that is not necessarily the primary reason to pick something. I would try to avoid native code with JNA/JNI if you can as that makes a tool much more difficult to maintain for multiple operating systems.

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    @shiffman I have submitted 2 proposals...awaiting your feedbacks

    Proposal 1

    Proposal 2

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