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hello! i am new to this whole forum thing, but i was wondering if i might humbly ask for some assistance? i am trying to configure a sketch that uses data plotting and my array is acting up. any/all help would be greatly appreciated. thank you so much.

//Information from: http://www.oceaneconomics.org/LMR/topTenResults.aspx?selRegions=GL&selYears=2013&selOut=display&noepID=unknown

XML FishValue;//The xml file is declared
//ArrayLists for data sets
ArrayList Fish fishes = new ArrayList Fish();
int numOfFish = 10; //number of fish
int [] position = new int [numOfFish]; // array for position of each fish's data
int [] fishValue = new int [numOfFish]; // array for fish values
String [] fishNames = new String [numOfFish];// array for fish names
PFont f;
PImage BG;

void setup() {
  BG = loadImage("GreatLakes.jpg");
  //loads the xml file
 FishValue = loadXML("FishValue.xml");
 XML [] Fish = FishValue.getChildren("Fish"); //information is recognized with this function
 for (int i = 4; i < numOfFish; i++){
   //the ValuePerFish given US dollar value of each fish
   //int ValuePerFish = 
   //the names of each fish
   fishNames[i] = Fish[i].getContent();
   //the spacing between fish data
   position [i] = (width/numOfFish)/2;
   position [i] += (i * (width/numOfFish)/1.5);

 for (int m = 0; m  position[0]-50 && xMouse < position[0]+50) {
  for (int i = 1; i < numOfFish; i++) {
    //This causes the points to connect
    int m = i - 1;
    //The x and y positions
    float xPos1 = position[i]-(width/10)/1.2;
   float xPos2 = position[i];
   float yPos1 = height/1.1-FishValue[m]*4;
    float yPos2 = height/1.1-FishValue[i]*4;
    //The lines of the line graph
    //line(xPos1, yPos1, xPos2, yPos2);
    //line(xPos1, height/1.1, xPos2, height/1.1);
  //The names for each fish
  for (int i = 0; i < numOfFish; i++) {
    fill(170, 30, 90);
    text(fishNames[i], position[i], height/1.05);
  //Value of each fish in US Dollars
  fill(360); //text color
  text("Value of each fish in U.S. Dollars", 100, 50);


  • thanks. how about now?

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    • Since I don't have any of those files, I can't run your code!
    • And your variable names don't follow Java/Processing conventions.
    • Variable names follow lower case camel: FishValue should be fishValue and BG should be bg.
    • Constants like numOfFish should be all caps w/ underlines and static final:
      static final NUM_OF_FISH = 10;.
    • Rather than having lotsa arrays to represent 1 Fish entity, it's better to define a class Fish
      and use 1 Fish[] array only:

    static final NUM_OF_FISH = 10;
    final Fish[] fishes = new Fish[NUM_OF_FISH];
    class Fish {
      String name;
      int pos, val;
      Fish(String n, int p, int v) {
        name = n;
        pos  = p;
        val  = v;
  • i appreciate your input, but it still confuses me. not your fault, obviously. this class is hard for me.

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