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Hello I am utpal from MNNIT Allahabad,I have been following processing for a while now and accordingly have filed 2 issues and put up 2 pull requests (although they don't affect code in a major way).I would be interested in contributing to processing-sound this summer and accordingly have come up with some ideas that might be of interest . I have had a look of all the existing present libraries like beads,minim and the existing processing library which uses methcla interface. Some facilitate synthesizing sound in real time and others which do rigorous analysis of sound data and let users plot them on a graph(like frequency spectrum,Amplitude spectrum)however after looking into every aspect I think one library which would help generate algorithmic music is still not up to the mark (I had a look over Tactu5 library which seemed promising but it's not as competitive as Jmusic) along with processing text to speech and vice-versa. So finally this is what I think

  1. A speech to text generation and vice-versa would be a nice added functionality . At the moment I am thinking of tts(a speech synthesizer) to accomplish this task and Sphinx to accomplish convert speech to text . Both of these use Java's Speech API to do so . In the former one the user of the application has options of selecting what kind of output they would be interested in (Male,Female). In short the desired output can be fixed based on number of parameters. I haven't had the chance to look for c++ wrapper for jni and at the moment I am thinking of implementing it as a different library project . However if the end user functionalities turns out to be small I might think of implementing it under existing methcla interface (and then look accordingly up for c++ libraries and it's wrapper functions for jni).

2.Generation of algorithmic music would using Jmusic would be also an added functionality . At present I am thinking of implementing Piano sounds and guitar sounds out of this library . The API for this library is huge and can many features like rendering notes on a canvas or even exporting it some other formats exist. It's an easy to use library with no complex built in dependencies .

I have been a member of open source organization(catrobat subproject Musicdroid) for quite a while now which does the job of producing music on mobile based device and hence I am familiar with most of the music notations and how they are produced . This post doesn't consist of any technical details . I just want a head's up on ideas.Also is there any specific format in which I need to submit my proposal or do I need to make custom defined tags on my own and then describe them ?


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    For your proposal please follow the requirements as specified by Google. You can find everything on google melange.

    I think further work on sound support in Processing could work well for GSOC and both of your ideas sound interesting. Note you can submit more than one proposal. Look forward to reading them. @wilm may be able to provide some more thoughts about the current processing-sound library.

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    I asked him about the current sound library work and he told me accordingly also he told me that he might participate in this year's Gsoc . Does it mean that this project can't be worked upon by two people . Also I went through the complete javadoc of methcla interface . I see the API is quite limited and I am thinking of replacing the existing metchla library with a java one (saving a long detailed explanation) . Do tell me how do you find this idea .

  • Aspects of Processing can be worked on by more than one person for GSOC, yes. We have done this in the past. We have no plans to replace methcla as the engine for the core Processing sound library. We would gladly accept proposals for additional sound libraries for Processing using other sound engines.

  • ohk cool i'll draft my proposal and let you know .

  • Can anyone give me the link of internal implementation of draw function in main processing repository or maybe a link to the file on git

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