Solidify / Extrude surface with hemesh library

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Hey there,

Im using the hemesh library to create 3 dimensional shapes, or better 3D surfaces. More or less like on the image here...

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 6.32.31 PM

I am planning to 3D print these forms now and therefore I need to give the surface "thickness", meaning solidifying them. In Blender that works pretty easy but Id wish to keep it all in Processing. Anyone knows how to do that with hemesh or any other way in Processing. The Extrude modifier in hemesh isnt really doing the job!

Thats where I want to get for better understanding: Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 6.50.37 PM

thanks for any suggestions!


  • have you tried HEM_Extrude?

    HEM_Extrude ()

    HEM_Extrude setDistance (final double d)

    HEM_Extrude setDistance (final WB_Parameter< Double > d)

    HEM_Extrude setChamfer (final double c)

    HEM_Extrude setHardEdgeChamfer (final double c)

    HEM_Extrude setRelative (final boolean relative)

    HEM_Extrude setFuse (final boolean b)

    HEM_Extrude setPeak (final boolean b)

    HEM_Extrude setThresholdAngle (final double a)

    HEM_Extrude setFuseAngle (final double a)

    HEM_Extrude setDistances (final double[] distances)

    HEM_Extrude setDistances (final float[] distances)

    HEM_Extrude setDistances (final int[] distances)

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