How to run Processing+Twitter4j sketch in broswer

I'm a newbie to Processing and I recently developed a sketch that incorporates Twitter4j. I've got it working perfectly but I'm trying to figure out how to get this sketch running in HTML, i.e. on my website.

I've been searching for a solution to this now for several hours spanning several days but I cannot find an adequate answer. I've come across posts addressing related issues but I've not been able to come across anything that breaks it down into a step-by-step process, catering to newbies like myself.

If anyone can provide assistance it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time and your skills.


    • As a general rule, Java libraries work on Java (or derivative) language only!
    • In order for your sketch to work in JS Mode (PJS) you'll need to get a corresponding Twitter4j library for JavaScript instead!
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    @GoToLoop: Thanks a lot for your response. According to my findings there is no corresponding Twitter4j library for JavaScript. I see it's certainly possible to embed a Processing application in HTML but there's a lot of convoluted text and instructions about "signing JAR files" and other things that are just a bit too far beyond my skill level. I'm really looking for a breakdown of the steps necessary. If I learn I'd like to document it properly for newbies too.

  • ... there is no corresponding Twitter4j library for JavaScript.

    • At least some Twitter library/API gotta exist somewhere! Twitter is a web site after all!
    • But I admit it's very convoluted to apply any foreign library to Processing.
    • You'll have a better luck directly programming on JavaScript (or anything that transpiles to it) language.
    • Take a look at p5*js framework for it:
  • @GoToLoop:

    At least some Twitter library/API gotta exist somewhere! Twitter is a web site after all!

    There is certainly a Twitter library/API for JavaScript -- just not one built for use with Processing. At my current level I would have no idea how to start even making that happen.

    The thing is my current Processing sketch uses Twitter4j. It reads tweets and matches them with visuals I've created. This is what I'd like to put up on my website. What I'm really trying to figure out (or document myself) are a simple set of instructions for a newbie to programming, such as myself, to be able to export an application from Processing and embed that in a website.

    Thanks a lot for your input and your time!

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    You could look at the tool on this page for exporting and signing processing applets. I've never used it myself, but it looks like it should work. To embed the app into a html page, the Oracle site has some good information, as well as this StackOverflow question.

  • @soup: You are the ONE! I don't quite know how deep you must have dug to find that resource but I really appreciate it. I haven't actually put it up on my website yet but I've tested it and it works.

    There are quite a good number of people who've been asking similar questions across different forums and that's the solution right there -- at Quarks place. I'm going to get the word out.

    Again, many thanks!

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