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Hello everyone,

My name is Umair Khan. I'm from Delhi Technological Univeristy, Delhi, India. I'm a 3rd year undergraduate student. I'm an Android developer from past 2 years and have been developing and contributing to Android. I'm excellent in Java and good with C++,JNI,C and OpenGL. Please have a look at my github profile - and my blog for further info.

I'd like to put forward my thoughts as to what I'd like to do during this GSoC under Processing Foundation.

I've been contributing to Processing since quite a long time. I'd like to work on Processing Android project. I have an open pull request to make android mode compatible with the updated processing APIs - I'm also working on implementing the media library for the Android mode - It's not in usable state as of now but I'm expecting to get it running by the end of this week :) . A great thanks to Andres Colubri for helping me tackling the hurdles.

Secondly, adding additional libraries for sensors and networking should be easy enough. The key here is to make the final APIs as easy as possible for the end user. I'd love to work on it and the interface/backend issues.

In addition I would like to implement moving the code of PApplet from the Activity to a Fragment class. It is more flexible to use Fragment than Activity. A Fragment can be shown inside another Activity as per the needs of the user.

Any feedback would be really appreciated. :)




  • Hi Omerjerk,

    I'm not very well qualified, so this is "user experience", not peer review!

    Processing Android could really use some fixing around OpenGL! It would be great to be able to create Google Cardboard apps in Processing Android mode - but right now the OpenGL compatability problems the make it very hard: here's an example of the hoops you need to jump through to do it now:

    In my opinion, The Ketai Library already covers sensors pretty well. It would be great if someone could expand on the facial recognition areas of this library to allow more of the Android facial recognition features to be available in processing.

    Related: If you have not tried it, check out APDE, which is a fully functional Processing Android mode IDE that runs on the android platform:

    All the best.

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