GSoC 2015 - Potential projects

Hello! My name is Mihajlo Ilijić. I'm on my second year on Faculty of electronics, University of Niš, Serbia. I'm posting here with a few ideas that I'd like to do during GSoC on Processing project.

First of all, few things about me and my skills: I'm good with C/C++ and I've got some (beginner level) Java skills, which I try to develop more and more (I'm currently enrolled in a class that should develop my Java knowledge by the start of the summer to a much much higher level, but I'm willing to devote my free time in accomplishing it even before the end of the semester). I'm very familiar and comfortable with programming in Processing (that's where my beginner Java skills come from :) ). I've never been involved on some large scale projects. My math knowledge covers linear algebra, calculus, combinatorics, discrete math and probability theory.

And now, the projects ideas: 1) I'd like to work on a tool for a basics physics on 2D and 3D objects. The tool would contain a brief explanation of a physics phenomenon and a sample code. I could try and go even further with writing some sort of a template. This tool would help people who use Processing without a large knowledge of physics.

2) From the projects idea page from Processing's GitHub, I'd like to work on a tool for grid/coordinate selector/coordinate manager. Also, one more project idea I liked is Famous Curves browser. I was thinking to broaden the idea and to make an applet which would generate sample Processing code for a desired curve.

3) This one is more of a question: what does library updates mean? What kind of work is to be done there?

This are some of my ideas for a GSoC projects, and I'd be glad to hear some feedback from potential mentors or Processing developers. Also, I'd appreciate if you could point me to some direction where you think I could find more material for further developing of this ideas :)

Mihajlo aka Pritilender



  • There are a few existing physics libraries for Processing so I would suggest taking a look first at what is out there and then think about what might be missing.

    Regarding updating the libraries, this refers to libraries that do not work with Processing 2.0 or 3.0 releases. The work really depends on the library For some it might just be recompiling the code, for others it might be a larger rewrite. You'll have to dig into the source of each to learn more.

    Also, please note the difference between a library and tool. A library is a packaged group of classes that can be imported into a sketch. A tool is a modification/extension to the Processing development environment itself.

  • Yes, I understand the difference between those two. Also, do I need to patch something before the application for GSoC opens?

  • I don't speak for the organization here but contributing to the codebase is always an advantage . It lets other organizational members know that you have knowledge of what's going around

  • Ok, thanks :) Btw, is there an IRC for developers? I've looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it.

  • There is no official IRC developer channel, however, there is one at under #processing.

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