Python Mode

Hi all,

I'm Courtney Peters, I'm really interested in your organization for Summer of Code 2015. The Python mode especially really caught my attention. I've done several projects in Python and I've also done a few websites. I would love to help with the Python mode or the documentation and site.

I've found the Github for both of those projects and will be taking a look but please let me know what else I can do to get started!


  • The main work for Python Mode at the moment is to update compatibility with the 3.0 alpha releases (starting with 3.0a5). This is not a small task so I would start by downloading Python Mode, making a project with it, and read through as much of the documentation you can. You might then take a look at the Python mode github issues list and see if you can contribute a fix to familiarize yourself with the project more.

  • I teach UK KS3 (approx 11-13 yrs old) pupils Python using Processing 2 - it's an absolutely brilliant means of moving young learners from Scratch to Python, and I give a big thank you to all involved. Given its immense value for teaching school-age children, I am slightly concerned though that 3.0 might leave Python mode languishing, and so just want to add my voice to those wishing to see compatibility maintained. Many thanks again.

  • Thank for your comment @Bill_Robinson. I can assure you this is a priority for us this summer.

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